The Necessity of Men

In the not to distant future, how necessary are men? Can women live without them?

Produced by: Southern Mirrors and Lethal Murky Productions

Directed by: Kelly-Marie Murtha

Written by: Mandy May Cheetham 

Producers: Barbara de la Fuente and Kelly-Marie Murtha


Barbara de la Fuente as Louise

Manuela Casinha as Barb

Angela Froese as Sam

Steve Kasan as  Bob

Brandon Ludwig as Charlie

Dave Roberts as Jerry

Christina Schimmel as Elise

Emily Schooley as Lisa

Music by: Valter Barberini

Cinematography by: Mellisa Anishnable

Camera Operator: Nanne Springer

Editing by: Daniel Malavasi

Sound Recording: Pauline Beal

Production Assistant: Murrium Zaheer

Script Supervisor: Alexa Erdei

Still Photography: Valter Vilar

Animation: Chris Minzz