The Art of Listening


Southern Mirrors is proud to present the North American premiere of The Art of Listening by the Brazilian playwright Carla Faour. The Art of Listening was nominated for the Shell Award for Best Playwright in 2008. The Shell Award is considered one of the most prestigious awards for theatre in Brazil.

The Art of Listening will be presented at the Robert Gill Theatre, 214 College Street, 3rd Floor, (St. George St. entrance) as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival 2009. Tickets: $10 – available through the Fringe box office or at the door.

One Listener…. Five Characters… Five Stories… Guilt… Love… Jealousy… Denial…Desperation. Driven by passion and longing to share what is hidden in their hearts they search for someone who will listen without judgment. But listening is more than just hearing. It’s giving in. It’s an act of generosity. That is what gives us humanity. Who is capable of so much love?

Heather Dick directs this touching play that explores what lies beneath “our masks” and what often goes unseen. With an amazing cast composed of: Michael Miranda,  Illya Konstantin, Barbara de la Fuente, Brian Young, Toni Ellwand and Jasmine D’Costa, this play will touch every member of the audience and will be remain in their minds and hearts for long time.