Film Festivals


BRAFFTV The largest Brazilian film festival outside of Brazil. Programs: Competitive, Non-competitive, Brah-zoo-kah, and Brazil Through Foreign Eyes (films by non Brazilian filmmakers about Brazil). Educational component: workshops and seminars. BRAFFTV Market: a platform for the exchange of information and to encourage business and sales of projects and films. BRAFFTV Film & Media International Conference 2013 Production, Promotional Material Production, Marketing, PR, website content. Partnership with Puente


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A window for Romance language films about sexual diversity (LGBT) and gender issues. It is an itinerant festival promoting filmmakers with the goal of creating a network platform for these professionals. Production, promotional Material Production, Marketing, PR, website content. In partnership with Puente and Ley en Movimiento


UpTo3′ – Brazilian Short Animation & New Media Exhibition of Toronto Brazilian animation and films of up to 3 minutes in duration, made for the new media market (games, cell phones, the internet, among others). The films compete for the Audience Choice Award. Production, Promotional Material Production, PR. Toronto, ON, Canadá – 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 In partnership with Puente and Cinema Animadores, BrazilToonz